Low Code SaaS in Insurance



A research report on the latest low-code adoption trends in insurance, value drivers and a summary of pre-built components across Policy Administration, Claims and Underwriting processes.

Insurance companies are on the cusp of digital innovation, with the opportunity to achieve game changing technology and operational advancements. These advancements can potentially transform service delivery and existing working models. In such a scenario, low-code SaaS solutions provide transformational capability, with the promise of business agility and operational efficiency. 

Low-code SaaS solutions come with pre-built functionalities, automated workflows, and industry content. Thus, enabling the insurance industry to  jump the technology curve, as well as providing access to world-class, modern capabilities. What’s unique about such solutions is their ability to adapt to changing market dynamics and the flexibility for customization as per individual business needs.

Besides cutting down on costs, low-code platforms can help eliminate the need for expensive third-party development, bridge the technological evolution gap, and provide rapid access to the latest technological advancements. With a drag-and-drop configuration, the platform makes building applications intuitive for staff members. This has two benefits – distribution of responsibility among IT staff,  professional developers, and business analysts, and reduced implementation and maintenance costs. 

In this report, we cover the trends, business drivers, benefits and big transformational potential of low-code platforms. You can also find useful references and specific use cases to get you started quickly with your low-code journey. Download this report now, happy reading!

Key takeaways

Unlock low-code strategies

Low-code SaaS solutions presents an opportunity for insurance companies to move fast and be nimble.

Use cases in Insurance

Find out the various use cases across Underwriting, Claims Management, and Policy Administration.

Navigate digital siloes

How to break down the digital siloes within your organization by connecting data, technology, and people together.

What’s inside

  • Why low-code SaaS is mainstream today
  • Unlocking Insurance SaaS moves for big transformation
  • Resolving Insurance operational challenges using low-code SaaS
  • Spotlight: How low-code platforms reshape Underwriting, Policy Administration and Customer Portal

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