Medication adherence cheat sheet

Medication adherence cheat sheet

Medication adherence is seen as a crucial make or break factor in the healthcare system today. With its proven benefits to multiple stakeholders, the concept has reached a mature stage. No wonder the interest in medication adherence is multiplying and today there are several market offerings to curb non-adherence.

Understanding the fundamentals of medication adherence builds a solid foundation for those having an active interest in the subject as well as those pursuing it to gain information.

This cheat sheet will be your go-to-guide in all your endeavors around medication adherence and will help you stay on top of your game. It is the perfect guide to brush up your knowledge and return to time and again. Go ahead, this one’s for keeps!

What’s inside

  • A quick glance at medication adherence terms that matter and their definitions
  • A sneak peek into some crucial industry questionnaires to assess medication adherence
  • Impactful statistics that give you the big picture of the global scenario
  • Brief introduction to key metrics that you will often come across

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