Robotic Operations Center for RPA monitoring & maintenance


Robotic operations center for RPA monitoring & maintenance

Build a strong foundation for scaling your digital workforce with effective bot maintenance and governance strategy

Bots are digital representatives and they need to be periodically maintained and optimized for better performance. If not, they might burn out or crash. Therefore, any automation effort, with more than 50 bots, should be in a position to manage incidents and prevent adverse situations.

For this to happen, any RPA initiative, specifically the ones that foresee scaling, should consider monitoring, maintaining, supporting, and optimization of bots at the initial phase itself.

In this whitepaper, we have compiled vital checklists for various phases of the automation journey, which includes bot creation to RPA application incident management and everything in between. In addition, you will get a clear picture of what happens in a Robotic Operations Center (ROC), which is the hub for RPA bot maintenance and monitoring.

Key takeaways

Bot intake process

Learn how to successfully transition bots from implementation vendors to ROC and manage the complexities that may arise in handling multiple automation factories

RPA Maintenance

Find out the list of bot hypercare activities that helps you to eliminate all possible conflicts and potential downtime for your automation initiative

Strategic decisions

Understand how a solid RPA Governance setup can keep a finger on the pulse of the bots and how that helps in process improvements and incident management

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What’s inside

  • Understand Automation Factory & Robotic Operations Center (ROC)
  • Explore ROC handover process/bot in-take process
  • Find out how to manage incidents