Transforming insurance ecosystem with cognitive RPA



A primer on how to restructure insurance operations with cognitive RPA and automate complex, data intensive processes that require judgement-based decisions.

Customers prefer quick insurance solutions and opt for insurers who deliver faster, transparent, and efficient services. A wave of new players, who have understood customer preferences, offer highly innovative value propositions and operate at higher speed and effectiveness.

Traditional insurers are unable to keep pace with this demand as they are loaded with repetitive operational tasks, such as underwriting, claims processing, policy servicing, and so on. Also, with the existence of semi and unstructured data, it becomes difficult for insurers to streamline and operationalize existing processes. Insurers require more advanced automation capabilities to improve operational efficiencies and address emerging customer demands.

To confront high volumes and complex work loads, cognitive RPA comes to the rescue by undertaking contextual analysis in automation. Cognitive RPA leverages the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline the processes and transform the insurance value chain. As cognitive RPA becomes more accessible now, insurers can exploit the immense value of end-to-end automation.

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Key takeaways


With human-like interpretation of content through cognitive RPA, you can achieve fast and precise processing, reduced manual errors, and improved quality and accuracy.

complex tasks

Leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies to transform unstructured data into accessible formats and processes efficiently.

Reinvent the
insurance process

Now that cognitive RPA is more accessible than ever, you can accelerate the value of processing claims through intelligent automation.

What’s inside

  • A sneak peek at how RPA has evolved with cognitive abilities
  • Top tips to achieve end-to-end process automation through cognitive RPA
  • Ways to improve growth with fast and accurate operational delivery through cognitive RPA

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