Unleashing the potential of cognitive technologies in insurance

Unleashing the potential of cognitive
technologies in insurance

The AI imperative for Insurance

The insurance landscape is changing at a rapid pace due to changing times, new customer expectations and business needs. Staying ahead of the curve requires sophistication in business operations, bringing in new offerings and keeping the customers happy. Technologies – like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP) – that have perceptual and cognitive capabilities can help insurers achieve this goal. It is the only means that can successfully leverage the unprecedented amounts of data flowing in the insurance industry, understand, analyze and make sense out of it. Insurers of tomorrow are turning towards AI to enable better overall insurance experience and business outcomes.

Since traditional insurance has historically been resistant to change, it is currently plagued by critical challenges like manual operations, poor customer service, lack of people-centric and personalized offerings, fraud and risk threats, and so on. The question is: What is the correct approach to tackle these issues and aim for a turnaround?

This analysis gives you an eagle’s eye view of the industry challenges and focuses on how AI and cognitive technologies can not only fix these but also add greater value to the entire insurance ecosystem with solid benefits and impact. Download this report to understand how to transform your insurance business holistically by embracing new technologies that unlock the best value out of data.

Key takeaways

Unlock data

Find out how to solve complex data problems and derive best value from the treasure trove of data in insurance

Improve operational

Learn how AI can enable insurers to automate critical operations and functions, and build dynamic real-time capabilities

Transform insurance experience

Understand how to cut through data density, uncover customer behavior insights for better risk assessment, identify new product opportunities and deliver superior experience in insurance

What’s inside

  • Discover why insurers should move towards a data-driven business model
  • Learn about the impact of cognitive technologies on insurers that’s helping them overcome critical hurdles 
  • Get a glimpse of success stories on how new age insurers are winning new markets with technology
  • Find out what it takes to survive in a competitive market

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