Ux for flight booking agents

Ux for flight booking agents

With modern day technology available, it is a little unbelievable to see how efficiency is lacking in age-old systems of customer service agents. Especially when it comes to online services. The agent using these systems are mostly the millennials and are used to well designed experiences in the personal products they use in their everyday life. But when it came to their workplace, they were faced with the legacy systems created way back in time. We got the opportunity to of creating an all new user experience for the customer service agents for an esteemed flight services provider’s customer agent portal.

The use case was of service agents coordinating with a customer on a telephonic call while simultaneously looking up the best suited flying options based on their state requirements. They would then have to provide these options to the customers and help them make a decision before going ahead with making the bookings for them. Using UX as the crux, the visual design of the pages would help the agents in processing large sets of data conveniently, and be able to process the information significantly faster.

So, why don’t you take a flight?

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