Upcoming webinar

Next-generation cognitive RPA capabilities in Claims Processing
Providing quick claims support to the loyal customers and identifying fraudulent claims have always been time consuming. The convergence of technology and the Insurance industry has led to the transformation of claims processes.

Past webinars

Intelligent automation in the era of dark data
RPA is a strong undercurrent that’s sweeping the automation landscape, delivering significant productivity gains and process efficiency.
The rise of RPA and AI in healthcare
In this webinar, our RPA thought leaders delve deep into various use cases, adoption trends, and high opportunity space for healthcare players. Listen to our experts to discover never-discussed strategies employed by some of the fast transforming Healthcare Payers and Providers.
The rise of RPA & AI in Insurance
In this webinar, our experts discuss about how intelligent automation technologies act as a key driver in Insurance to resolve document processing challenges. In addition, we will focus on the application of RPA and AI along with use cases to automate your business.
Reimagine legacy applications for the hyper-connected era
Join the webinar to gain insights about platform based continuous modernization strategy. Platform based modernization provides a quick face lift to the applications, takes them to new efficiencies and drives a systemic change in architecture and delivery.
Designing for Micro-Moments
This webinar throws light on how businesses can benefit from billions of micro-moments experienced by people across the world every single day and design better experiences around them.
Busting the Deep Learning myth
Find out how—contrary to popular perception—Deep Learning is also an effective tool to tackle everyday problems, like engaging with chatbots or hosting ads on websites.
Creating and Nurturing Business Sensitive ChatBots
Explore Inference Framework, our approach to making bots smart. We will also see how businesses can build intelligent bots, nurture, and integrate them with social media apps like Skype, FB Messenger, and Slack.
Ad click prediction using Apache Spark
In this webinar, we explain the application of Spark’s machine learning pipeline for predicting Click Through Rates (CTRs). We also cover the many challenges you may face & how to overcome them.
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