Creating and Nurturing Business Sensitive ChatBots


We communicate our intent, draw inferences, and converse naturally with other people. And we have begun expecting the same from chatbots. We have the technology in place. Now it’s all about training them.

In this webinar, we will talk about Inference Framework, our approach to making bots smart. We will also see how businesses can build intelligent bots, nurture, and integrate them with social media apps like Skype, FB Messenger, and Slack.

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Key Takeaways

Conversation as a Platform

Conversation as a Platform

Know the relevance of CaaP, a new-age way of interacting with various systems where automation and proactive systems are crucial.

Inference Framework

Inference Framework

Learn a framework that allows business users drive the intelligence of bots through an easy drag-drop UI and a no-code process.

Business Sensitive Bots

Business Sensitive Bots

Make bots sensitive to businesses and have proactive conversations with end users, thereby optimising operational productivity and automation.


Suresh Babu

Chief Revenue Officer

Priding himself on excellence in execution, Suresh drives Imaginea’s business growth through robust sales, marketing, and business strategies. In a career spanning 20 years, he has had senior leadership roles, driving business growth for Hitachi Consulting/ Sierra Atlantic, SoftSol, CSS Corp, and HP/ Compaq. He is a proven leader with a successful track record, known for his ability to build high-performance teams and drive profitability and growth.


RamaKrishna Nimmagadda

Director – Technology

A passionate technologist, RamaKrishna heads the Microsoft practice at Imaginea. He comes with a rich experience of more than 16 years in Software Engineering, Architecture, Delivery, and Management. Along with helping business units of companies like TESCO, Toyota, Daimler, JP Morgan Chase and others realize business value during technology transitions, he has assisted in strengthening the product portfolios of enterprises like Microsoft, Accelrys, and Versata.



Why bots need

Machine learning relies on massive data input. The algorithm needs human generated data to spot patterns, get insights and “learn”. This goes well with both millennials and messaging are becoming dominant.
Conversation platforms with specific intelligence

50% of U.S. mobile users haven’t downloaded an app in the last year. With an explosion of bots, will there be bot fatigue in the future? Or can there be one bot for everything?


A better way

Chatbots and internal communication in businesses

Conversation platforms like Kik, WeChat, Line, Facebook, and Slack together make for 3.5 billion users, a billion more than the total user base of the big five social networks

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