Busting the Deep Learning myth


There are tons of myths around Deep Learning. The most popular being “It’s for complex problems only”. And like most myths, they accumulate more tales into the fabric of the myth with time. How about cutting through these knots and finding out what lies at the heart of it all?

Join our webinar where we tell you how—contrary to popular perception—Deep Learning is also an effective tool to tackle everyday problems, like engaging with chatbots or hosting ads on websites. You will gain insight into the versatile nature of Deep Learning that makes it an essential technique in today’s digital sphere.

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Key Takeaways

Functional understanding of deep learning techniques

Functional understanding of deep learning techniques

Find out how to solve day-to-day problems leveraging Deep Convolutional Neural Network.

Applying critical thinking to interpret results

Applying critical thinking to interpret results

Learn more about how to retrain neural networks and ways to optimize data quality in order to improve accuracy.

Identifying problems that benefit from Deep Learning

Identifying problems that benefit from Deep Learning

Understand the modus operandi of Deep Learning to identify the kind of real world problems it can help solve.


Suresh Babu

Chief Revenue Officer

Priding himself on excellence in execution, Suresh drives Imaginea’s business growth through robust sales, marketing, and business strategies. In a career spanning 20 years, he has had senior leadership roles, driving business growth for Hitachi Consulting/ Sierra Atlantic, SoftSol, CSS Corp, and HP/ Compaq.  He is a proven leader with a successful track record, known for his ability to build high-performance teams and drive profitability and growth.


Srikumar Subramanian

Director – Technology

A tech maverick, Srikumar heads mobile practices at Imaginea. With a rich experience of 18 years, he has worked at all levels of video production technology–from handling codecs to OpenGL-based rendering of editing timelines to automatic timeline construction. He is also proficient in signal processing techniques for multimedia content analysis. Srikumar’s expertise has helped enterprises like muvee Technologies, NewsTakes Inc., and Kent Ridge Digital Labs in Singapore.



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