Intelligent automation in the era of dark data

RPA is a strong undercurrent that’s sweeping the automation landscape, delivering significant productivity gains and process efficiency. While the trend is promising, RPA is still in shallow waters. Cognitive RPA takes it to the deep sea, powered by smart systems that promise to transform the automation landscape, leveraging the hidden ‘Dark Data’ treasure.

Dark data refers to 80% of enterprise data that is unstructured and inaccessible to enterprise systems – just like an iceberg. Data residing in the form of physical documents, invoices, claims document, and mails fall in this category. The ability to read, understand, and analyze dark data allows enterprises to embed thinking capability into the process, just like humans.

Imaginea in partnership with Abbyy, brings this exclusive webinar to provide deep insights into various technological advancements and AI trends in the data capture space. We will be exploring solutions that includes Intelligent Data Processing(IDP),  advanced document classification, data recognition & extraction, and automated data verification solutions. Join us, as we throw some light on Dark Data and its consequences on automation.

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Key Takeaways

How to progress from the nascent level to cognitive level with IDP

Future-proof with convergence of RPA and AI

Drive ROI with IDP


Suresh Babu

Chief Revenue Officer

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Srivatsan Parthasarathy

Principal Architect

Srivatsan is a progressive leader, who is known for his expertise in enterprise architecture and solving technology challenges in innovative ways within the given constraints. As a strong believer of continuous learning, he has been responsible for incubating dynamic automation and robotic process automation practice areas for organizational innovation. On the personal front, Srivatsan loves Tech, Sci-Fi, Philosophy and simple explanations, and is a budding marathon runner.