Precision NLP: A game-changer in EHR


Precision NLP:
A game-changer in EHR

Electronic Health Record (EHR) has initiated the onset of transformation in healthcare by digitizing valuable patient information. Still, about 70% of human-generated data like clinical notes and audio interview transcripts, which is a part of EHR remain unused. This unstructured data, if successfully processed, could turn into an information gold mine. They carry valuable information that could potentially help healthcare providers in making the right decisions and even foresee complications that may occur during the course of a procedure.

While the value of structured data in EHRs are well known, research shows that the real-world data captured in the unstructured format too holds immense value. Mining such information has been impossible in the past, given the inconsistencies in language and information recorded. Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques offer fresh new promise. They quickly sift through a huge volume of clinical notes to identify patterns and extract meaningful insights. Thus, providing vital access to gold data can transform the patient experience, improve care delivery and advanced life-saving therapies for patients. Some of the business use cases include providing additional data points for clinical decision support, revenue cycle management, clinical trial management, building population health platforms, etc.

Join our webinar to learn about the current and emerging NLP and machine learning (ML) models, to unlock insights from unstructured clinical notes. We will be presenting our findings on new methods that significantly improves the overall accuracy of the data. Register today to block your slot!

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Key Takeaways

How to extract actionable insights from unstructured clinical notes

Top applications and healthcare use cases of NLP powered analytics

Current and emerging NLP models, along with their respective data accuracy map


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